Polish Optimist Dinghy Association

The Polish Optimist Dinghy Association (PSKO) is an organization gathering about 1000 competitors of OPTIMIST class. Our objectives are to support the youngest sailors in their fulfillment of sailing passions, to train and to organize sailing regatta on regional, national and international levels. We do our best to exchange experience with other similar organizations in other countries and to cooperate with the international associations of the same class.

The Association represents and protects the interests of the members taking part in national and international regatta. PSKO makes decisions on trainings, the dates of starts, the allocation of equipment and financial sources obtained from external funds. It also makes claims on the national team line-up and chooses PSKO representatives for the National and International Championships.

The object of Association’s activities is the statutory activity to help the Association members to promote physical activity and sport, popularizing sailing regatta and Polish sailing in general, in our country and abroad. We also do our best to achieve the highest level of competitors’ trainings to enable them sport competition with the best world teams.

While training children and teenagers, our aim is to educate and show that ethical, trustworthy and friendly behavior is important. We also focus on the cooperation in creating international sport culture and integration of sailing teams, protesting against stimulants, which teenagers are prone to (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs), promoting ecology and the environment protection, building positive characteristics of a personality by taking part in sports activities in the Association, preparing and training instructors and coaches to organize trainings, competitions and sport events.

We invite everybody to take part in the events organized in the cooperation with PSKO such as sailing regatta and training camps. Our clubs will give you a chance to participate in well-organized regatta, on a very high level.

We would be happy to answer all your questions connected with taking part in regatta or in trainings by competitors.